10 Step DIY Striped Accent wall

June 26th, 2014 by Lindsay Martin with 2 comments

We just moved to a new house and I was dying to cover up an offensive shade of tangerine/pink in my daughters room. I loved her room decor at our old house (we hired a college student to paint a big white tree on a green accent wall) but this time I wanted to do something a bit different.

I saw some adorable ideas on Pinterest and fell in love with the idea of a striped accent wall. First of all, let me say… I am not much of a DIY painter. I love the idea of doing it myself but who has time to figure out how to do this and not take the whole day away from your kids? I decided to jump in feet forward and give it a shot. At the end if the day, I could always paint the whole wall the accent color and move on… Right? Forward I marched.

I knew I needed reinforcements to help me so I recruited my wonderful hubby and mother in law. Armed and ready we followed these 10 simple steps below.

The results are pretty ADORABLE if I do say so myself!

Step 1: Get the following supplies:
Paint (flat washable works well)
Paint pan
Paint brush and roller
Frog tape
Laser level (Lowes or Home Depot sell one for $24 that works great)
Old sheet or newspaper to lay on floor

Step 2: Measure wall length and determine how many vertical stripes will fit the wall. *recommend 12 inch marks. Adjust the odd inches on the ends of the wall.

Step 3: Use tape measure and pencil to mark 12 inch marking on wall.

Step 4: Use laser level to lay frog tape vertically.

Step 5: Place a post it note or tape on stripes YOU do NOT want to paint.

Step 6: Go over tape with a credit card to press tape flat so paint doesn’t bleed. Place tape along floorboard and ceiling as well.

Step 7: Cut in paint on corner of wall and floorboard.

Step 8: Use a roller to paint stripes. One coat is probably sufficient. We used valspar flat washable paint (“Dolly” from Lowes)

Step 9: Pull tape off (at an angel) as soon as you are done painting stripes

Step 10: Let paint dry before letting small children or pets check it out. My dog, Lola, is proudly displaying our work on her tail today.



Hard at work!


The finished product! Hadley’s new room!