Eat THIS not THAT. It’s all about choices!

April 27th, 2015 by Courtney Price with no comments

Remember my “Eat THIS not THAT” post recently? Well, I’m at it again and this time I’ve drilled down even further, in terms of the nutritional information, regarding your typical fast food breakfast items and compared it to a healthier breakfast option.
So here goes.. Let’s take a minute to look at the nutritional differences between an Egg McMuffin meal and a homemade Egg, Avocado, Tomato {EAT} on Ezekiel toast breakfast option.
Some of the big differences I saw were the total calories {452 in the Egg McMuffin vs 254 in the E.A.T. breakfast item} anyone else notice they are a mirror image of each other?!?


HOWEVER, I promise if you eat THAT Egg McMuffin meal consistently, you will not see a mirror image of the same person you’d see if you chose the healthier option consistently!
The sodium content in the Egg McMuffin is 661 mg vs 11 mg in the E.A.T. sandwich and sugar in the Egg McMuffin is 31g compared to 12g in the E.A.T. option!

It’s all about choices!! All of your little choices really do add up over time! But, if you set yourself up for success {meal plan & stick to the plan} you will save yourself from the temptations of quick and easy from a drive-thru!!