Amy’s Healthy frozen Meals for Busy Moms

April 4th, 2018 by Lindsay Martin with no comments

I thought frozen meals went out of style like the 90’s…I always wrote them off as “full of preservatives and additives” and tasted mediocre at best.  I used to pass by Amy’s Kitchen frozen meals in the organic section at my local Kroger all the time and think these look delicious but have to taste aweful…

In the last couple years, I have had to make some significant changes to what I was putting in my body. Unfortunately, that meant saying goodbye to gluten and dairy. Which felt like I was saying goodbye to EVERYTHING! In the first few weeks of making this change, I literally cried in aisle #15 at Kroger overwhelmed by the lack of options I had and most importantly to the fact I had nearly zero ready made/ fast options for on the go! And I am ALWAYS. ON. THE. GO.  But I remembered seeing Amy’s frozen meals and decided to give it a try… Boy was I amazed! With the exception of the 9 grams of sugar, which isn’t terrible compared to most meals, my first meal of Thai Red Curry was delicious and super healthy! I woofed that sucker down in no time and actually felt full! Double win!

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