At-Home Teeth Whitening: Does it Work? + Giveaway

August 1st, 2018 by Amanda with no comments
I am SO excited to share with you my Smile Brilliant (a custom-fitted teeth whitening kit) experience and give you a chance to try it yourself! 

With Smile Brilliant, you’re essentially getting a professional, custom whitening treatment in the comfort of your own home.  Which is especially convenient – it saves both time and money by eliminating visits to the dentist and paying high prices. (Prior to Smile Brilliant, custom fitted trays were only available at the dentist office for $500+!).  The treatment process is super easy!

Smile Brillant Kit



After placing your order with Smile Brilliant, you’ll receive a kit that includes: Base and Catalyst Paste to make your impressions, along with detailed instructions. You’ll also receive your tooth whitening gels and desensitizing gels in the same kit.

The very first thing you do as soon as you get your kit is make your impressions.  You start by mixing the pastes (base and catalyst) together and then pressing them into the plastic trays.  Then you pop them into your mouth, bite down and hold them there for 2+ minutes until the pastes are firm. Plop them into the included, pre-paid mailer, and within 1-2 weeks, Smile Brillant will ship out your custom-fitted trays.  Once they arrive to you in the mail, you can start the whitening process right away.

Once you’ve received your custom impressions in the mail, the whitening process is a SUPER EASY.  You simply squeeze a small amount of the whitening gel along the front section of your trays, and then pop them in for anywhere from 15 minutes to up to three hours. Once done, rinse and apply the desensitizing gel for around 5-15 minutes to help your teeth re-hydrate and reduce sensitivity.


The custom dental trays I received from Smile Brilliant fit me perfectly.  They slip on easily and stay in place without feeling too tight or too loose.  The trays are soft and malleable, and fairly thin – making them very comfortable to wear, even for several hours.  I’ll usually pop them in for 1-2 hours in the evenings as fold laundry or watch Netflix.

For each treatment, I left my trays in for 60 minutes and noticed the stains slowly disappearing with each session.  By the fourth treatment, those yellow stains from rinking tea and diet pepsi were completely gone!

Here are my before and after photos:

After Photo Stacked

I’ve had sensitivity issues with other peroxide-based whitening products in the past, I didn’t experience any with Smile Brilliant’s whitening gel formula.  I ended up not needing to use the desensitizing gel at all.

I’ve been continuing to apply the treatments once a week, to keep my teeth looking white.  Smile Brilliant provides plenty of gel in their kits.  


After using Smile Brilliant’s whitening kits, I noticed some definite advantages with their system versus my old favorites:

  • Causes less sensitivity issues
  • Comes with custom trays that enable the whitening solution/gel to get into all the little grooves around the teeth, PLUS it covers all my teeth, not just the front ones
  • Whitening gel stays contained in the trays for the full duration of the treatment (so I wasn’t tasting the gel like I do with the strips)
  • Gives you a natural looking smile (it gets rid of all the stains and returns your teeth to their natural color – nothing too bright or unnatural looking)

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*I was given a kit for review consideration.  All thoughts, opinions, experiences, and results are 100% my own!  Thank you for reading!

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