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Hey everyone! Can you believe Summer is 9 days away?! I know if feels like Summer already, with the heat and kids being out of school already, but the official start of Summer is actually June 21st 🙂 So, if you are not currently where you would like to be for THIS Summer, now is

Having a baby? Have kids already? Need a baby shower gift? Need toddler gift ideas? Well, I’ve got you covered! I’m SUPER excited to share with you all an amazing company, made up of moms like you and me, that has created some ingenious products for us, and our most prized possessions, our babies! The

Are you short on time during the week? Do you always feel like you are throwing meals together last-minute? Well, I’ve come up with a method of meal planning that not only keeps me from guessing what the next meal will be, but it also gives me more time to spend with my family and

Who wants to do it with me?! Today’s workout is a HIIT {High Intensity Interval Training} style workout. Here’s how it works: 1. Set a timer for 45 seconds 2. Go all out, giving it your all, for the first move 3. Rest for 15 seconds 4. Move to the next exercise 5. Repeat steps

To the mothers who: – swear you’re doing it all wrong but hope they won’t remember 😂 – are exhausted and tired but wouldn’t change it for the world – are teaching the hard lessons and RAISING your children to be productive members of society {Lord knows we could use a lot more of that

Did you miss my 7 Day Bikini Challenge?! Are you curious what it’s all about?! At story ready to lose inches and pounds?! Well, I had such success with my last challenge group that I want to do it again! If you are serious about eating healthy and exercising, then this is the challenge for

Hey everyone! I’ve got some exciting news for you! May 4th-10th I’m having a free 7 Day Swimsuit Slimdown Challenge and you are ALL invited 🙂 Included in the challenge will be a full meal plan, grocery list for the week, access to workouts, support from a team of people just like you, additional nutritional

Remember my “Eat THIS not THAT” post recently? Well, I’m at it again and this time I’ve drilled down even further, in terms of the nutritional information, regarding your typical fast food breakfast items and compared it to a healthier breakfast option. So here goes.. Let’s take a minute to look at the nutritional differences

Hey everyone!! I promised to come back and talk through how I meal plan, but I think I’m going to have to do this meal planning post in two seperate posts to keep from bouncing all over the place and rambling {If you know me, I’m REALLY good at that ;} So here goes.. Here

A Giveaway?!? Already?!? I know!! TGI~The Weekend 😉 Remember when I said to stay tuned for a giveaway?!?! Well, here it is!!! A Shakeology Sampler pack!!! Here’s your chance to taste each of the flavors of my favorite snack of the day!! What’s in Shakeology? All of the vitamins, nutrients, proteins and minerals in the