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Whenever somebody asks me what I feed my girls, I can never name a specific food. To be honest, I don’t think it’s fair to give pets the same food twice a day, every day for their whole lives, although I do realize that some pets have a sensitive stomach, my girls don’t.  I do,

I. LOVE. CRAFTING. I’m kind of obsessed, but given school and life lately, I really haven’t had the time. Luckily, there’s a super fancy subscription that fits perfectly into my budget, and gives me a few different projects to work on. Recently I was given the opportunity to try out For The Makers, a subscription

I love making things. There’s nothing like the feeling of accomplishment when you’ve finished putting something together from scratch, or even just fixing something. I especially love craft projects, and today I want to share with you an amazing subscription box that focuses on crafting, and supplies you with all of the tools you need.

I love seeing happiness on my dogs’ faces every time I receive a package in the mail that is addressed to them. Recently they received a package from PupJoy, a subscription box service that caters to your furriest of friends. PupJoy lives by the philosophy of “Treat Better” meaning that every single person and pet

There are a million things we have to remember to do every day. Moms on the other hand, have roughly a billion things to remember. One of those things, which is probably the furthest from your mind right now, is replacing your toothbrush. That’s not where you thought I was going, was it? GoodMouth is

There’s a reason our canine companions are considered “Man’s Best Friend”, and I think it’s important that we celebrate that honorable title by spoiling our dogs rotten every single chance we get! Paw Pack is a monthly subscription service that caters to furry friends of the dog and cat varieties. Each month, you are guaranteed

Earth Day is April 22nd and to honor and recognize this day, Pet Gift Box has created a “green”, eco-friendly box for all of their subscribers! Here’s what was inside: K9 Granola Factory’s All-Natural Oven Fresh Quacks in Blueberry & Vanilla flavor were such a huge hit in my house! These duck shaped treats smelled

Who DOESN’T love stickers? I remember receiving a new sticker or sticker pack from my grandparents as a special bonus for being good. I also remember sticking them to everything. Stickers may be the reason I’m becoming a teacher, because I will basically have an endless supply of stickers to give out. Come to think

I absolutely love making cards. I even have two boxes full of them, created to send a variety of messages including love, get well soon, happy birthday, and more. While I am well stocked (for the time being) there are times that I have run out of cards that send the kind of message that

Recently, I was given the opportunity to try out a brand spanking new snack food box made for people who love to eat and stay healthy too! Fit Box is a subscription box service that promises to deliver “nutrient dense energy” in each of their boxes. January kicked off the launch for this service, and