AVASTARS – The Star Inside is YOU! Review

April 3rd, 2015 by Amanda with 1 comment


We attended the opening weekend of the AVASTARS Booth at Kenwood Mall (Located right by the Food court).

You really can’t miss it!!  It is totally lit up in the center of the opening when you look down toward the food court!


Ava and Austin had a blast picking out who they wanted to be!  The staff was super fun and helpful!  At the time they could chose from: a Popstar, Princess, Fashionista, Vet, Ballerina, & Cheerleader for a girl, Special Forces, Martial Arts, Rocker, Firefighter, and Goth Guy for boys.  Check them out here!


There are more options coming soon like a Skater and a Mermaid!!  Ava and Austin want to do those next!

What is Avastars?  You can Create a Doll or Action Figure of YOU!  It is and image of your actual face on the Figure!!

The concept is what every child dreams of!  Now you get your own Action Figure and don’t have to be a Pop Star or Donnie Wahlburg to get one!!  LOVE THIS!!!  I actually want one of ME!

Sounds like a great Valentines gift for my Husband!!


1. Choose your character 2. Customize your look 3. Smile for the camera. 4. Immediately enjoy watching a big screen premiere of and animated video starring YOU (also yours to download and share).


This is Ava’s Fashionista Doll!


 This is Austin’s Martial Arts Figure!

Your AvaStars doll or action figure is custom and made to look like YOU, and will be delivered directly to your door in 2 weeks!  We were all so excited when the packages came!  They come with a stand and accessories!  They are on display on the kids dressers!

We are looking into working with them on Ava’s Birthday Party.  Think Build-A-Bear party but AVASTARS!!  Keep following for more information on that!


  • The experience is recommended for ages 4 and up.
  • From start to finish, the in-person experience takes approximately 15-20 minutes.
  • You can stop in and check out the experience, and even star in your own video for $10.00! Dolls/Action Figures are an additional $40 plus tax and shipping and handling.
  • Dolls/Action Figures arrive at your Door in approximately two weeks.

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Learn more at avastars.com

Reserve a Spot – goAvaStars.com

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Disclaimer: I was provided something of value from AvaStars to facilitate this review.  I was not required to share a positive review; all opinions are my own.