Avenger – Captain America Shield- 3D Deco Light Review

December 9th, 2016 by Amanda with no comments

Tis the Season of GIVING!  I LOVE LOVE LOVE giving gifts!  Each year I take each of my children shopping to buy a gift from them to their sibling.  They do chores, save their money, and buy each other a present.  They even started doing this for each other for their birthdays too.  I guess my love of gift giving has spread to them.

This year they have not only been catalog shopping they have asked to be able to window shop online at Target!

That is where Ava found this for Austin!cap-a

It is a Captain America 3D Deco Light!  It actually attaches to your wall to make it look like it is stuck in your wall!

She is SO excited to give it too him for Christmas!

I was pleasantly surprised when it arrived in the mail.  It was much larger than I expected it to be!

Just so you are aware the Captain America shield is 3 AAA batteries not AA as advertised. All the other Avengers ones are AA (just not the shield).

It looks pretty easy to install because the decal tells you exactly where to drill holes for the light.
The plastic is a hard plastic, the vinyl sticker will  be easy to apply.  It does come with 2 screws and the plastic mounts that you have to drill in and hammer.
It looks AWESOME in the dark!… he will not need a night light with this.

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