Blue Light Kids Review + Giveaway (winner announced 6/28)

June 24th, 2019 by Lindsay Martin with no comments

I will be the first to admit that in spite of all my efforts, my kids are in front of screens WAYYY too much. When I had my first baby, I was by the book when it came to everything… I mean… By. The. Book. Things loosened up after I had my second baby 19 months later… and by the time I had my third, I was lucky to just get a shower. The reality of our busy schedules and a world with an abundance of technology began to kick in. And soon, the need to keep our kids “busy” and “entertained” (ie. quiet for more than 5 minutes) meant handing them whatever we could to keep our sanity.

The problem was we started noticing some negative trends. When our kids watched too much TV or played on their tablet too long, their sleep patterns fell apart… Moreover, their behavior plummeted. The very reason we gave them these tablets and TV time in the first place was backfiring on us. I ran for help. We immediately began to research “too much Tablet time” and came across some articles that talked about the negative impacts on the body as a result of too much exposure to blue light. In a nutshell, the way I felt after a long day at work staring at my computer was the same extreme fatigue and physical response my kids were having.

After enough articles and a few discussions with our pediatrician, we quickly realized that we needed to adjust. Unfortunately, the chaos and busyness in our life was going nowhere and taking away all the technology was just not an option. My kids still needed some down time with their tablets. So we looked into buying some tablet filters… Well, those can be pricey. And multiply that times 3… No thank you. Then I tripped on Blue Light Kids protective eyewear. After reading their website and doing some reviews, we reached out to give these a try.

And the results are in…. After 10 days of my daughter wearing these glasses for all her TV and tablet time, I am so happy to report, much of her sleep whoes and behavioral issues have lifted. And while I know we need to do some work on reducing the amount of time my kids spend in electronics, these glasses are a great safety net. I feel so much better knowing that I have taken extra precaution for to protect my kids eyes/brains from this harmful light and the result is happier kids and a happier mama! Thank you Blue Light Kids for allowing us to give these glasses a try!

Check out Blue Light Kids to learn more or feel free to ask a question below about our experience with these glasses!

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***All thoughts and opinions are my own. We are grateful to have received a pair of the Blue Light Kids Glasses so we could provide our review.