Challenger Sports British Soccer Camp- Must do!

August 10th, 2015 by Amanda with 4 comments

Last week, Austin had the pleasure attending Challenger Sports British Soccer camp.  At the beginning of summer I posted about this camp here.  This is a camp I have been thinking about since we lived in Wyoming.  However, I felt my kids were still pretty young as of last year and not very serious about soccer yet.  This year, I jumped at the opportunity to send Austin to this camp when Family Friendly reached out to bloggers to write about it.


Here is their “before shot”.

Austin and his buddy Cody were able to take the camp together.  We opted for the Wall 2 Wall camp in Mason because it was indoors and only 2 hours vs an outdoor summer camp and 3 hours.  There were only 5 boys in their camp so they received a lot of 1:1 attention.  They had 2 coaches there, Alex and Jack.  They were amazing!  The boys learned A LOT in this week long camp.  Austin even came home talking with their awesome accents!  So cute!

enhance (24)

Waiting until August for this camp was actually perfect timing, because Austin starts his LYSA soccer league this week.  So it was a nice segway for him.

If you register by a certain date (pre-register) you got a FREE jersey(the one they are wearing here), soccer ball (also pictured), and a t-shirt!!

I like that this camp has a curriculum that develops skills, speed, and confidence in players ages 3-18.  It provides your child with the rare opportunity to receive high-level soccer coaching from a team of international expert’s.  This camp was the real deal.  Alex is a VERY good coach and really helped build their confidence.  He sent home certificates with a written note and “graded” them on the items they excelled, developed, and improved in.  Austin was VERY proud of himself.  Confidence building is Key at this age of soccer players!



Austin and Cody LOVED this camp and had SO Much fun!  All in all the amount that they learned, and the amount of fun that they had I feel the camp is well worth the cost!

What camps did you send your kids to this summer?

Have you tried the British Soccer Camp from Challenger sports?

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Here is their sweaty after shot!


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