Clean Eating vs Organic… Do you know the difference?

June 12th, 2015 by Courtney Price with no comments

Are you familiar with clean eating? Do you know difference between eating clean and eating organic? I ask because I’ve heard many people say “I eat all organic and I’m not seeing results”.

Eating clean consists of eating whole foods in their most natural state. It means not eating processed foods like white breads/rice/pasta, refined sugars, fried food, fast food, etc.

Organic foods are foods that have been grown without synthetic pesticides, fertilizers or sludge, plus they can’t be genetically engineered or irradiated.

These 2 things are very different.

So, you may “think” because you are eating organic, that you are eating “healthy”. But if you are not eating foods in their whole form and are purchasing pre-made foods, you should be reading the label.

I always check my labels to see what ingredients are in the foods I’m buying.

For example:

This almond butter.
The one on the left has sugar in several forms
The one on the right has one single ingredient. Almonds.

Almond butter comparison.jpg

Another example is cereal.
The one on the left has sugar in many forms along with several other ingredients I cannot pronounce. {I try my best not to buy foods that have ingredients that I cannot pronounce}.
Instead, as you can see on the right, I make my own granola/cereal for much less $ and know exactly what goes into it.

Cereal Comparison.jpg

Pre-made rice is another good example.
On the left, you’ll see a box of rice with lots of different ingredients. Keep in mind, even if it’s brown rice, whole grain rice, organic rice or the likes, there may be a ton of other ingredients that you would want to stay away from.
The alternative could be making your own. I choose quinoa (on the right) and add my own chopped veggies and spices to make my own “rices”.

Rice Comparison.jpg

So, while you may be eating all organic, you may just be eating boat loads of organic sugar. That is not defined as “healthy”. That just means you’re eating sugar that hasn’t been sprayed with pesticides. Better than the sugar that has been sprayed, but definitely not what you want to be eating if you’re looking to eat clean and see the results you’re working towards.

Clean Eating.jpg