Cold Weather Toddler Activity: Build a Construction Site

January 31st, 2014 by Lindsay Martin with 9 comments

These brutally cold winter days can be tough on everyone, especially toddlers. Even worse, throw cold/flu season in there and cabin fever can set in really quick, especially once they start feeling better. So my son and I built a road/ construction site in our family room! We used tape for the road and I laid down a vinyl tablecloth, added some “construction materials” (raisins, Cheerios and Goldfish crackers), compiled every truck he owns and played! We counted, sorted and snacked as well as bulldozed, dug and hauled. You can adjust the materials and activities for your child’s age; maybe create a “store” and sell the materials! Get creative and enjoy constructive time together! When it was all over, we snuggled up to the book Goodnight Goodnight Construction Site and nap time was a breeze!

What do you do to entertain your kids during the cold winter months?