Coloring Books for Adults: The Latest Relaxation Craze

September 9th, 2015 by Amanda with no comments

Coloring is so relaxing.  It makes perfect sense to me!  I love coloring with the kids!  Now there is scientific proof on why we should get down and color with them!  My kiddos are going to be thrilled!  They love when I color with them!

I found out about the adult coloring books craze when my friend Maggie was in town.  She took us to a brick and mortor Barnes and Noble (not very many of those left!) to buy my kids books as a gift from her.  It was really fun.  She talked with them about each book and helped them select a few that she would buy them.  She also showed them her childhood favorites.  It was really nice.

This is where she showed me the adult coloring books and told me is was  a new Craze! Adult coloring books are flying off of the shelves and into the doodling hands of many. Studies show that it reduces stress, improves work performance and promotes relaxation.

Whether you use  pencils, crayons or markers, coloring is a great way to “disconnect” from technology, stimulate your brain and increase your creativity.

Below is a picture of some of these “grown up” coloring books.  They have more intricate designs –  there is everything from mandalas and flowers to owls and even cats!


Happy Coloring!!!