Congrats your pregnant … Now what .. PartI

December 3rd, 2014 by Jen Rockwern with no comments


As a Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner and mommy of three I have spent a lot of time around pregnant moms and being a pregnant mom ! In this multi part post I will tackle essential mommy to be topics from health and wellness, picking a doctor, baby prep, birth planning and even a few nursery decorating tips! Keep watching the blog so you get all the good Club Mom info!

Part I

The pregnancy test is positive Congrats!!! Now you can sit for nine months , eat ice cream and wait for baby….. Or not! Pregnancy is not a time to hit the cruise control button, it’s actually one of the most important times in your life to make sure you are healthy and active …. And it’s a time for major preparation!

Finding a care provider

Your sweet little baby isn’t just going to be dropped on your door step by the stork…. And you might want to have some regular prenatal care so finding a great care provider is a major first step on the road to baby town.  This is the first part of your journey that’s going to take some research and planning! You need to decide where you want to have your baby…. Wait you didn’t know hospitals aren’t the only place? Women have babies in hospitals, free standing birth centers and even at home! Decide on the setting you think you want ( you can always change your mind ) and then look for care providers ( OB/ GYN, midwives) that will deliver your baby in your chosen setting!  Since this relationship is going to last a good 10 months or more, I advise interviewing multiple practices and / or individuals .  You can find most OB GYN groups online and make an easy call to schedule an appointment.  If you know you want to deliver at a birth center then call them and ask for a list of care providers that do births there! If you are a home birth minded mama, you might have a harder time finding a midwife …. They are out there but in some parts of the US home birth isn’t as accepted as others and they fly under the radar. In my city there is a home birth Facebook page where women help and guide each other in finding the home birth midwives. In other parts of the country home birth is the norm and you lucky ladies can probably just ask your primary care doctor who they would recommend and have a long list! Many of the home birth midwives in states where home birth is common will have websites as well!

Not sure what you want to do or where you want to have your baby? There is no harm in meeting with providers that work in each setting , it is your birth and you want it to be awesome right?  A good documentary to watch to look to get your wheels turning is ” The Business of Being Born” .  Although this documentary is a little biased towards out of hospital birth, it goes into great detail about labor and birth and alternative options! Oh spoiler alert you see Riki Lake ( yes that Riki Lake) naked during her birth….!

When you start meeting with potential care givers there are a few things I feel are the most important to ask about and discuss

1) who will deliver my baby if you aren’t available

2) what testing and prenatal schedule do you use in your practice

3) what interventions/ monitoring do you commonly use during delivery , and can I decline if I don’t want it

4) what is your personal philosophy on pregnancy, labor and birth

feeling overwhelmed yet? It’s ok it’s a big decision ! I think when you meet the ONE , you will know! You will get a good feeling from them and you will feel safe and respected. Always know you can change providers if you want to usually until around 24 weeks!

post your questions about finding a care provider below ! Check back soon for Part II …. Eating for one… Yep not two!