Cursive – Are your kids learning it in school? +Free Name Printable

October 11th, 2015 by Amanda with no comments

Ava is so excited to learn cursive!  That was one thing she was disappointed about when switching schools.  St. John’s was working on it last year in second grade and when she switched to Loveland she was disappointed to find out that they don’t start until third grade.  Now that she is in third grade she is so excited to start learning it again!

Her teacher shared with us that the goal for the end of the year is to have each child be able to sign their name in cursive!


I found this great free printable for Ava and thought I should share with you.  You just type in whatever you want the worksheet to say and it will display on the sheet so they can trace it and then practice with the start dots!  She is going to LOVE this!

Are your kids learning cursive in school?