Doggie Lawn: A Personal Lawn for Your Dog!

July 28th, 2015 by Kayleigh Davidson with 18 comments

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If you own a dog, you know how frustrating it can be when you need to take your dog(s) out, just to find that it’s pouring. You hate it. Your dog hates it. Everybody hates it.

You may also live in an apartment building on a floor other than the first, or even the second. Taking your dog out every time can be hard when you have to climb up and down multiple flights of stairs, especially if you have a dog that tires out easily, is prone to leg injuries, or is just older.

A lot of people work the typical 9-5, and finding a trustworthy person to let your pooch out in the middle of your shift can be hard. Not everyone works close enough to home that they can travel back and forth on their break. Many other people have schedules that change daily, or they are working twelve hours a day.

This is where Doggie Lawn comes in. Doggie Lawn is a subscription service that delivers a miniature lawn to your doorstep every month. They offer two different lawn sizes: Petite Pooch and Full-Sized Fido. We went with the full-sized option because we have two bigger dogs. They also offer a tray to hold the grass in for either size, and you can order it with your first month’s lawn for an additional fee. Great news is that it is reusable for all of your future grass orders.



We tried out Doggie Lawn in our apartment for the last month, and we loved it! When we first opened the box and set everything up, my girls were very interested. They always love when we get mail, but this package smelled very different for them. They were all over it before, during, and after set up! Our first order came with everything we needed to ensure a successful experience. Gloves (for setting up…it’s real grass you know!), pheromone spray, and a trouble shooting guide.


Dolly checking out the Doggie Lawn

For the first day or two, the girls were just interested in sniffing around the grass, not actually using it for its potty purposes. Bella also thought it was made for napping. She loves laying down outside, so it wasn’t surprising that she wanted to lay on the grass inside too.  That’s when I pulled out the pheromone spray that came in the box. I spritzed the pheromone spray all around the grassy patch and the girls immediately came over to see what was going on.


Bella taking a nap on the DoggieLawn

Finally, they used it the right way! The one thing they wouldn’t do was poo, but really, that was okay. We had the patch inside our apartment, where they never go to the bathroom. Had it been outside, that would’ve been a different story. The Doggie Lawn is perfect for balconies!

I really appreciated the trouble shooting guide that they included with our order. In the first few days that we had it, they both refused to actually use for potty breaks, Bella took a nap on it, and Dolly tried digging it up. All of those issues were addressed in the guide which made it easy to adjust and fix everything.

As I mentioned, the Doggie Lawn comes in two different sizes: Petite Pooch and Full-Sized Fido. The Petite Pooch size is $28 to receive it once a month, or $48 to receive it twice a month. The Full-Sized Fido size is $49 for once a month or $60 for twice a month. Shipping is always free! You also have the option for a few add-ons at check out such as poop bags and the tray to hold the Doggie Lawn in. The tray itself is a one-time fee since you can use it every time you receive your Doggie Lawn.

We have partnered up with Doggie Lawn to offer a giveaway for a Full-Sized Fido Doggie Lawn and a tray to go along with it! Enter today!

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