Dream Team Pets – Review

December 1st, 2014 by Amanda with no comments

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Bedtime can be a real hassle for many parents.  Your child could have trouble settling down, or is afraid of the dark, scared to sleep on their own, or generally just does not like calling it a night.  We all have been there at least one night, many of us it is several nights!!  We all want what’s best for our kids, and it can be hard to watch them struggle with sleeping on their own.

Our children generally (at 5 and 7 years of age) are good sleepers.  I figured out that consistency,  a strict bed time, and a bed time routine is KEY.  We co-slept with our first, for a long time.  She was not a good sleeper.  Our second was a dream compared to her!  So I completely understand bedtime struggles and how they can vary from child to child.

I love the concept of this product and could not wait to try it out!  The Dream Team Pet Package provides both a story book to read and a stuffed animal (same character that’s in the story).  In this case they are really driving it home that this will make your child feel more protected and safe.  At the same time each child is different and will respond on their own way to it, so there’s no real guarantee of success here.  The creators of Dream Team Pets say that you’re providing a feeling of security and comfort to your child by positioning the stuffed animal as a sort of nighttime guardian over them. They are able to “train” the pet by giving them an award in the morning for watching over them the night before.

This is going to take some involvement on your part, as it’s not a toy that you can just hand to your child and let them do the rest. You’ll have to present the concept to them, and show them that the character is the same on that is in the story book. Let them know that the pet will be watching over them while they sleep, and if they do a good job and everything goes well throughout the night they should give them a gold sticker the next day. Most kids will like being put in the authoritative role of sticker-giver, because most times it is the child earning the gold star.  This concept worked with my 5 year old.  He loved the idea!  He loves to be in a authoritative role!  He also loves to snuggle with his animals!

You get your choice of Dream Team Pets for $27 delivered to your door. This includes the story book that goes with them, as well as the sticker pack and reward book so that your child can make sure that they’re properly trained. They have 3 characters that they offer, the cat, lion, and puppy.  We chose the Puppy!

It is a super cute concept!  The book is very cool (however very small in size).  We give this product two thumbs up!  You can read more in our initial post.

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