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Hidden River Cave goes beyond your previous idea of what a cave can be!  You pull up to a  building in the middle of a street scape of the City of Horse Cave in South Central, Kentucky.  You have no idea that siting behind that building is  one of Kentucky’s largest & most scenic historic cave entrances where two subterranean rivers flow over one-hundred feet below ground is right there!  enhance (3)enhance (2)We did the Historic tour.  Our tour Guide, Dave was very knowledgeable and tells a good story!  The tour lasts about 45-60 minutes and are scheduled upon arrival. enhance (1)

 This is a great walking tour for first time Cave visitors!  No tight spaces, you walk upright the whole time.

As you can see Jennie did it with Bennett in a MOBY front carrier!

enhance (4) You know what they say, “Going down into the cave is optional but coming out is mandatory!”  Please be aware, the exit from the cave requires a stairway of ~230 steps and is not handicap accessible.enhance

During the tour you will find out how Hidden River Cave ties into the story of Horse Cave and the Caveland area. You will see wildlife, historic equipment, and natural features that you won’t see in any other cave in the area. You’ll pass the remnants of a turn-of-the-century hydroelectric generating system that once supplied the town overhead with water & electricity.


Included in your admission you can also explore the American Cave Museum.

The boys were very interested in the Museum!

The cave which is now operated by the American Cave Conservation Association, was once the source of drinking water and hydroelectricity for the City. The cave was also commercialized from 1912 through 1943. Groundwater pollution from domestic and industrial sewage was one of the factors which led to the cave’s closing in 1943. For 50 years Hidden River Cave was used as little more than an open sewer. In 1989 a new regional sewage treatment system developed by the Caveland Sanitation Authority corrected the problem.

The American Cave Conservation Association relocated their national headquarters to Horse Cave in 1987 with the goal of restoring Hidden River Cave and establishing a museum and educational center at the site. Today, thousands of tourist visitors and school children annually tour Hidden River Cave and the American Cave Museum at the cave’s entrance. The cave, which has been called “the greatest cave restoration success story in the United States” is now open year-round to visitors.

Reservations are not required for the public guided tours and includes the American Cave Museum at no extra charge. Tours are scheduled beginning at 9:30 AM every morning, with our last tour scheduled for 4:00PM.

They offer Rappelling at the mouth of the Cave and a Zip-line here as well!  We did not get to do it due to time constraints.

There is talk about opening a Zipline INSIDE the cave in the near future!!!  That would be REALLY cool to zipline inside a cave!

When you stay at Jellystone Mammoth Cave Park/Campground they offer an adventure package price at Hidden River Cave!

Public Guided Cave Tour

Adults – $15
Children 6-15 – $10
Children 5 & Under – Free

Historic tours last 45-60 minutes and are scheduled upon arrival.
Reservations are not necessary.
Please be aware, the exit from the cave requires a stairway of ~230 steps and is not handicap accessible.


Cave Adventure Tour

3 Hour

3-person minimum per tour.

$40 per person for groups of 3-10.
$35 per person for groups of 10 or more.

A perfect introduction to wild caving! Be prepared to get muddy on your hands and knees as you see a cave as few have seen them before.

5 Hour

3-person minimum per tour.

$55 per person for groups of 3-10.
$50 per person for groups of 10 or more.

Ready for a challenge? See the best of Hidden River Cave on our longest tour, and gain the ability to awe your friends back home.



Hidden River Cave & American Cave Museum
119 E Main St.
Horse Cave, KY 42749


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Disclaimer: My family and I were hosted by Hidden River Cave for review purposes.  All opinions are my own.