FOCO- The HOTTEST Toys and Gear for your Sports Fanatics!! + GIVEAWAY 12/6!!

December 1st, 2018 by Lindsay Martin with no comments

Moms… Let me introduce you to my children’s newest obsession. ALL. THINGS. FOCO. I tripped over these super cool Ohio State Building Sets (similar to Legos) while scouring facebook and online shipping (insert eye roll from husband).  I showed my kids and they went crazy. Nothing like this exists anywhere for lego building sports fanatics. When I saw their wide selection of BRXLZ, I knew we had to get these for my oldest.

Just look at this kids face when I surprised him with this Ohio State Stadium BRXLZ as an early Christmas present. ALL. THE. JOY!!

He got to work right away putting together this Ohio State Stadium on Ohio State vs. Michigan gameday (O-H!! What a game BTW!).  He is still working on it, but can’t wait to put it in a glass case in his bedroom. (Stay away little brother).

Not only does FOCO have these awesome toys for your little sports fanatic, but they also have a product line that includes apparel, accessories, collectibles, novelty items and more! With their major sport and entertainment licenses, they were able to create some of the most unique products for fans like us all across the country! Soo COOL! I am totally ordering this shirt for my husband to wear during our trip to Florida this Christmas and found the best sweater for our holiday party!

Are you interested in a chance to win one a free Mini Ohio State Football Player BRXLZ? All you have to to is comment with what item from FOCO you have on your Christmas list!

Winner will be announced 12/6! Good Luck!!



All opinions in this post are my own. We were kindly given a free BRXLZ  to review and share our thoughts with our loyal readers! The vote is in and we are in LOVE!