Freezing Time- One picture at a time

September 17th, 2014 by Lindsay Martin with 3 comments

Goodbye Summer! Hello Fall!



I can’t believe how fast Summer has flown by… And how fast my babies are growing up! Ohhh, if only I could freeze time… In some ways, I do.

I am a picture NUT. Each of my children get their pictures taken every 3 months until they turn 1, then yearly from that point on. Yes, it starts to add up (especially when you have 3 babies in under 4 years). Yes, it takes patience to get the right coordinating outfit for the family shot and make sure the kids get their nap that day because if they don’t there will be hell to pay. Yes, I know that if I book a photoshoot right before lunch or dinner, I better love to have lollipops & gummy bears in my photos. And YES, most times my husband looks at me like I am a crazy person barking around the house to get kids pottied/diapered, fed, clothed, de-boogied, de-tangled, un-markered, and smiling big for our grand entrance at whatever spot we are prepared to get pictures done at… But pictures are important (professional or not). And they should be.  The days pass too quickly. My babies go from newborn onsie to 2t Oshkosh overalls in a blink. Sometimes I feel like time is slipping through my fingers and all I have to hold onto is these perfect memories captured behind a lens. When I get pictures taken or even take them myself, I feel like I. can. breath again.  Like, I have done my job as a mom to capture these precious moments and to be able to look back one day and share them with my grown babies.

I encourage all you mommas to keep taking pictures and capture these precious moments! Please share and ideas you have for displaying or showcasing your pictures at home, office, etc! I would love some ideas!

Thank you Tonya Cook Photography for another amazing shoot!