Get hip to the Click and Pull Y’ALL

May 20th, 2014 by Amanda with 7 comments


I have been to a lot of work life balance talks given by upper management in my company.  The most recent one I went to was given by one of our female VP’s.  One of the things she focused on was “hire” help for the little things basically where ever you can.  As a non-management employee I laughed to myself, thinking, “Yeah sure, easy for you to say”!

However, when I looked at my life and the things I do to achieve work life balance.  I actually do “hire” help.  I previously posted about the car wash I use.  Now I am going to tell you about something else I do that saves me time and does not cost me any additional $$!

As soon as Scott and I got married we joined Sam’s club!  This is pretty much the only place I shop consistently.  I joke if Sam’s doesn’t have it then… well we don’t need it!  I buy presents, clothes, swimsuits, groceries, furniture, mattresses, razor blades, diapers, birthday cakes, DS games, books, movies, underwear, life vests, jewelry, purses, toys, you name it!!   I was planning one of my many social gatherings and I discovered drum roll please…. “Click and Pull”, (que angelic sounds).

It was one of those weekends were I couldn’t get off on Friday before the big party and I had no idea how I was going to pull all this off!  I was able to create a shopping list called “Party” on and order whatever I needed.  I saved this list and now for other big party or gathering I just go in and click on the button (make edits if needed) and WahLah everything is pulled and waiting for me the next day to come and pick up!  It is that easy!  I have started doing this with my grocery list and it really works out well, it not only saves me time, it saves me money b/c I am not walking around adding things to the cart that we don’t need, and it saves me from two screaming kids scaling the cart to get out every time I turn my back!  Just kidding they aren’t that bad… all the time!!   If you have frozen items or refrigerated items they keep those items in the coolers and go get them when you get there.  Click and pull is covered in our membership costs and we also have the membership where I can go in at 7AM and shop as well.  I have done this on my way into work to buy flowers, breakfast, cakes, get gas, etc.  For all you Costco lovers out there… they offer this perk as well!

I have just read that, wait for it ladies Meijer is doing this as well!!  You can order everything but produce and cold stuff.  You can either pay shipping and have your order delivered to your front door or, pick them up at the store of your choice for free! I think this will be great for me to get rice and all those other “dry “staples that I don’t like to buy in bulk.  I can’t wait to try it.

At the risk of this post getting too long!  One other thing I have used before I discovered “Click and Pull” was use the eStore.  There is a $5.00 flat rate shipping fee and you can order any P&G Product (nice for the heavier items i.e. dog food, cases of diapers, etc) here.  Bonus:  they already apply all the brand saver coupons to your order!  No need for clipping coupons ladies!  That is a HUGE for me!  They are offering $108.00 in coupon savings right now.  A lot of people that I work with who live downtown in the High rise buildings use the eStore for the shipped to your door convenience!  Hope you found this post helpful!  Happy shopping!!