Being away made me a better mom

August 13th, 2015 by Lindsay Martin with no comments

  I left my 3 babies for 10 days. Yes, you read that correctly… 10 days!  

The days were long. There were moments of sheer sadness. I missed my babies like the desert misses the rain. And there was no escaping it. Surrounding me were constant reminders. Every time a mom rushed by me with a stroller, or I skimmed through the TV stations only to find myself watching Dora the Explora, or every time I saw edamame on the menu, I was reminded that I left my most precious treasures at home. Away from mommy.

But with every moment of sadness, then there were moments of freedom. Time for me. The last 5 years (5 1/2 if you count pregnancy), the days haven’t been mine. They belonged to stretch marks, 3 am nursings, “who stole my crayon”, the tickling of tiny toes, and drooly-mouthed kisses. Moments of sheer mommy bliss often followed by moments of holy sh$t I am responsible for 3 tiny people who NEED me and DEPEND on me. Every. Single. Day. 

And while I’m not suggesting you leave your kids for 10 days. I am here to tell you that mine were just fine. It’s ok to take a break, a vacation, a business trip, or even to go have a spa day.   

I missed my kids as much as they missed me. And when I returned I needed their snuggles as much as they they needed mine. But somewhere in between my 10 days away, I found myself again. Distance maybe does make the heart grow fonder or for some,  realize even more what you have in the midst of allthe chaos.  

So book that trip, spa day or night away and relax. 

Cheers and happy parenting,