Go the F*ck to Sleep – Book

July 9th, 2014 by Amanda with 5 comments



My very good child hood friend just had his first baby, she is 5 months old, they are starting sleep training this week.  I sent him this book – it is to be delivered mid week.  I figured he would need a good laugh and could relate.  I remember those nights and that first year… it was SO hard!

Our first born was not a good sleeper.  Someone sent us this book in the midst of our sleepless nights with her and I will never forget my husbands laugh when reading it.  He was crying he was laughing so hard!




This guy gets it!  It’s a good feeling to know you are not alone!  If you have ever had a child that was not a good sleeper some of these thoughts may have gone through your head.  Although, most would never openly admit them!  That is why this book is so funny!  It is a hilarious, honest book for over-tired and frustrated parents everywhere!  He states it as it is….no excuses…no apologies.

It might be little unconventional and profane for some people, due to the “F” bomb… but it is brutally honest and hilarious…



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