GoodMouth, Good Health

April 27th, 2015 by Kayleigh Davidson with no comments


There are a million things we have to remember to do every day. Moms on the other hand, have roughly a billion things to remember. One of those things, which is probably the furthest from your mind right now, is replacing your toothbrush. That’s not where you thought I was going, was it?

GoodMouth is a subscription service that makes sure your teeth are the healthiest between dentist visits. You can choose the frequency of deliveries (every month, two months, or three months) and even have the option of adding on a few extra items to keep your mouth feeling fresh. I was recently given the chance to try out their service, and I loved it!

When you first sign up with GoodMouth, you are asked to fill out a short questionnaire about your family and their mouths. They ask how many people are in your family and how often you would like to receive the box. If you prefer electric toothbrushes over manual, they offer replacements for a slightly larger fee. After entering your shipping information, they then ask you about each mouth in your family. They ask questions about diseases or problems you may have with your mouth, as well as any random information that may relate. Then you get to pick which toothbrush you would like! They actually suggest a toothbrush that would be best for your mouth, but you have the ultimate choice.


After I finished the questionnaire, which only took about five minutes, I was given the opportunity to choose if I would like to add floss, lip balm, or mints to my order. Obviously I chose all three! The floss container is actually pretty cool looking. I really liked that one side was clear, allowing me to know if I was going to run out any time soon. The mints were awesome, and the perfect flavor. The lip balm did exactly what it needed to do. It prevented my lips from drying out and kept them soft!


I ordered a toothbrush for myself as well as my husband. When I filled out the questionnaire, the same toothbrush was recommended for both of us. Luckily, they offer their toothbrushes in a variety of colors, which is perfect, especially for families that share bathrooms. I went with the obvious pink and blue for our brushes. We both loved them! The brushes were soft and met our expectations in a toothbrush.


I always love companies that give back, and GoodMouth is no exception! For every toothbrush or Dr. Goode’s product that you buy, they donate a brush or oral care to someone in need. High five for giving back!

Each box is $2.00 per toothbrush plus a flat rate of $1.50 for shipping. The mints, lip balm, and floss cost extra, but regardless, the shipping rate will remain $1.50. Given that quality toothbrushes are typically $3.00 a piece, I would say that this is a steal, especially for bigger families!

We have an exclusive discount code for all of our readers! Use the code WPQ-DZQ-BBS at checkout to save 20% off of your first box! If you are interested in learning more about GoodMouth, or you want to sign up for a subscription, click here.


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