Grab some friends and 10 Day Shred!

June 28th, 2016 by Jennifer Combs with no comments

Are you ready to #10DAYSHRED?

Summer is in full swing and this mama is ready to get her sexy back!  Sooooooo. . . It’s time grab some friends and 10 Day Shred!  What I love about this program is that it’s only 10 Days, that’s just ONE weekend!  We can do anything for 10 Days right?


What I love even more about this program is that it focuses on REAL FOOD, healthy nutrition choices, a balanced body, exercise, and daily support and accountability (private fb group, text, phone) . . . We could all use a bit more of that in our life, right?

While the 10 Day Shred focuses on eliminating the bad stuff from our diet for 10 days (processed foods, gluten, dairy, etc) so that at the end of Day 10 we feel and look our best, it is not a quick fix.  It is a jumpstart to a healthier lifestyle.  Most people find that they will continue on past Day 10 with several awesome and new healthy habits!


I like to think of it as a body “reset”, a mindset “shift”, a healthier body.  And of course, having more energy, better sleep, mental clarity, a flatter belly, and better fitting clothes are just fine by me too!

Start Dates are July 5th through July 11th.  Want more details, enjoy this quick video below! And if you are ready to 10 Day Shred, please contact me using the form below!  I can’t wait to #SHRED together!