Himalayan Dog…What?!? (+a giveaway)

June 15th, 2015 by Kayleigh Davidson with 58 comments


I love finding new treats for my girls, especially treats that aren’t full of things that make them sick. Three of those new treats come from the Himalayan Dog Chew company, and let me just tell you…they are awesome!


The first treat that my girls tried out was the “Runaway Frank” flavor of Leanlix. Leanlix is a low-calorie reward and training tool for dogs. Instead of carrying around a bag, or pocket full, of treats, Leanlix is a tube that can hang around your neck for when you are ready to reward your pup. It resembles a giant tube of chapstick, but instead of lip balm, a solid, gelatin like, treat fills the inside.

IMG_7374  IMG_7393

Dolly (left) and Bella (right) enjoying the Leanlix

My girls went bananas over this treat! After sniffing it out, they both took turns licking it, pushing each other out of the way in order to take their turn. For pet parents who worry about weight gain, and obesity in their pups, no worries! Leanlix has only about one calorie per serving, and a serving is about 40 licks. I love that it was low-calorie too because, while my girls aren’t overweight, they are bulldogs, and very likely to become overweight if I’m not careful with what I feed them.

Leanlix also come in a variety of flavors: Run-a-way Frank, Grass-Fed Beef, PB&J Time, Cheezsteak, Bark-B-Q, Himalayan Cheese, Free-Range Chicken, and Sweet Potato. There are about 210 servings in each tube of Leanlix, and each tube is grain-free and gluten-free!

Retail: $12.99


The next awesome treat that my girls were able to try out was the classic Himalayan Dog Chew. The ingredients in this treat are simple: yak and cow milk, salt, and lime juice, and the treats come in five different sizes: for dogs under 15 lbs., under 35 lbs., under 55 lbs., under 65 lbs., and under 70 lbs.


These treats are so cool! When you first give them to your dog, they are hard and dense, similar to an uncooked bone. After awhile, your dog will chew the treat down into small chunks, and the chunks will be too small for your pup to continue snacking. No worries! Just pick up those pieces and stick them in the microwave for 30 seconds or so, and the treats will puff up like popcorn! Obviously you should let the treat cool before giving it to your pup. Once the treats have puffed up, they are similar to crackers in texture, and are much easier for dogs to chew up and swallow.

Retail: $11.99 per pack


The third treat that my girls tried was the Yaky Top. A Yaky Top is a bully stick topped with a Yaky Chew. Two of my dog’s favorite things! First, I gave this treat to Dolly. Bella obsesses over bones, and I thought it best to start her with the classic chew instead. Apparently, she didn’t agree, because as soon as Dolly dropped the treat and became distracted by something else, Bella rushed over and stole it from her. She gobbled it up in less than 30 minutes. Regardless, both of them had a chance to enjoy it. This was the first time they had tried a Himalayan dog chew of any kind, but they both have had bully sticks before, and have loved them. A Yaky Top is a great way to introduce them to something new, while still providing something that they love.


I am so fascinated by the treats that the Himalayan Dog Chew company creates. In addition to the treats I’ve mentioned, they also have Yaky Nuggets (small, microwavable dog chew pieces), Yaky Puffs (pre-puffed dog chews), HDC seasoning (powdered dog chews to sprinkle on food), Yaky Sticks (a bully stick wrapped up in Himalayan Dog Chews), Yaky Crunch (bite sized Yaky puffs), Yaky Charms (like popcorn – for dogs!), Yaky Yams (cookies for pups), and Ruff Roots (dog toys made out of roots). That’s a lot of treats, but they are all perfect for any dog!

Retail: $10.39

As you know, I love hosting giveaways for all of the products that I love, especially those that my girls love too! Enter today to win all three treats that I tried out with my girls. I just know that your dog(s) will love all of these goodies as much as my girls did!

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