Indianapolis Lego Kids Fest – Review

November 9th, 2014 by Amanda with no comments


What do you get when you cross a convention center of eager families with three acres of Legos?  An evening of family fun we won’t soon forget!  We picked our kids up early from school on Friday to make the surprise trip to Indianapolis to check out the Lego Kids Fest at the Convention Center in downtown Indianapolis.  The ride there was filled with anticipation as our kids played an extended version of 20 questions to try to figure out the surprise destination.



It wasn’t until we walked in the doors and they saw the first convention staffer dressed in their Lego Staff shirt (in Lego yellow of course) that they figured it out.  We waited excitedly in line as the other staff and Lego Master Builders got us pumped up for the show with chants of “Lego Lego Lego” and doing several rounds of the wave.  As we waited for them to start the event, we looked over the map they gave us and planned our “attack”.

Dad took the two boys directly back to the Lego Fusion exhibit.  Lego Fusion is the new Lego product that combines tablets and/or smart phone and classic Lego building.  Mom headed right back to the Lego Friends and Lego Princess exhibits.  We met back up, and made our way around the rest of Lego Fest.  Each exhibit allowed the kids to use their creativity to build their very own Lego piece.  Some of the exhibits were challenges and some required you to compete as a team.  At these areas, each child was given a small complimentary Lego building set.



While the kids enjoyed the themed areas the best: Lego Fusion, Lego Friends, Hero Factory, Chima, Mindstorm etc., my favorite was the Lego Nation exhibit.  On the floor in this area is a huge white Lego outline of the United States.  Each person builds a small set, and then the Lego staff fills in the map with the creations built for that area of the country.  It was so much fun to think of Legos we could build for different sets.  Our creations included a “Big Apple”, a Bridge over the Ohio River, an “Orange” Beach and a huge Lego head for Indianapolis.



We finished the evening in the large retail area and allowed each of our children to pick out one small pack of Legos…though I’m not sure if that was a reward or punishment (Telling them to pick just one thing out of the amount of Legos they offered in this store).  This family had an absolute blast and we highly recommend it to anyone considering it when the event travels to a city near you.


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