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Hello! My name is Julie Giesting. I am married and a mother to 2 children and a stepmother to 2 more children. Our oldest daughter is 15, we have two 12 year old boys and a one year old girl.


Life is chaotic as you can imagine, but as I always say, a good chaos! I own my own salon in Mason, Ohio and my husband works for a family business selling parts for electronics. Over the past year we have been considering purchasing a small business… I know, sounds crazy, but we thought it would be fun to do something like this together. We have searched and searched and nothing has really caught our attention. In the meantime, I had been noticing posts on facebook about these “crazy wraps”.


When a close friend of mine starting inquiring about it, it caught my attention. She came to my house and gave me a wrap and just as I had imagined I did not see results after wearing the wrap for 45 minutes….. Well, that is until the next morning. I woke up the next day, a Thursday, and could not believe my results! My belly, which has always been my “problem area”, felt firm and toned. I felt like I had lost my “muffin top”. The following day, Friday, I had 4 other girls at my house “wrapping”. Every single one of them had results, after just 1 wrap! Me, being extremely impulsive as usual, immediately bought into this “crazy wrap” thing and the company known as It Works!




This company is quickly changing my life! I made a few hundred dollars within the first week! My husband is even amazingly impressed, not only by the products, but by the amazing opportunities and bonuses this company offers! It Works is a debt free company and their mission to get EVERYONE of their employees 100% debt free! I have received so much support from everyone involved with It Works and have made at least $600 in only 3 weeks! I am so excited to see where this business is going to take me and my family! As in my other career as a cosmetologist, there is NOTHING better than making people look and feel better about themselves!


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