Keep it Clean

September 20th, 2015 by Amanda with no comments

I am trying hard (1,000 steps behind most) to be mindful and trying to Keep it Clean at our house!  I thought I should share these tips with you from one of our Healthy Living Events at work!

Here are some ways you can “keep it clean”:

  • Avoid using pesticides/herbicides in your home and garden.

  • Consider organic whenever possible—especially with meat, dairy, and the following fruits and veggies: peaches, strawberries, bell peppers, spinach, cherries, cantaloupe, celery, apples, apricots, green beans, grapes, and cucumbers. Check out this post for the Dirty Dozen.


  • Drink at least 6 to 8 glasses of purified water each day.

  • Reduce your exposure to plastics. Buy juices and water in glass containers when possible. Do not microwave in plastic containers, and minimize washing plastic containers in the dishwasher under high heat. Limit use of plastic food wraps.

  • Eat fewer canned food and more frozen or fresh foods.

Use natural or organic toiletry items, such as shampoo, soap, and fragrances.