Marvel Universe Live!

December 19th, 2015 by Lindsay Martin with no comments

 Let me just start this by saying, my child LOVES superheros. As in obsessed with them. So much so that at any given day you can come be a fly on the wall in my home and hear “boom” “Pow Pow” “Coming to the resscuuuuuee” among other profound things my little 5 year old likes to say.  So when I told him we were going to Marvel Universe Live to see all his favorite Super Heros it was game over. His excitement went through the roof.

We are soo thankful to be given tickets for opportunity to see and share a few words on our experience. So mommas, here it goes.

Overall Show: This A+ from us. Hands down an all time favorite and I am sure to hear about how amazing the show was for months to come! Our favorite part (spoiler alert) were all the stunts including motorcycles, explosions, and super-heros flying around the room.

Extras: Another major highlight was my son getting a Spiderman mask painted on his face. The darn paint would still be on 3 days later if we didn’t make him wash it off. He was obsessed and the staff was super friendly and encouraging to his excitement. We also picked up a few trinkets and Food/Drinks. A little over priced, but to be expected in a venue such as this. Again, all worth it for a night my son will surely remember for a long time!

Logistics: A-, getting in an out of parking wasn’t too bad and needless to say, we are always running late and still got in on time . Only slight traffic jam getting out of the place. So worth it for the experience. Bathrooms were easily accessible, which is critically important for a child who doesn’t want to miss a second.

If you have not had a chance to go to the show, this is one you don’t want to miss. Here are the details below!


Kids tickets start at $20 to purchase click HERE!

Not valid on premium seating.  No double discounts.  Child discount applies to children ages 2-12.  Service charges, handling, and facility fees may apply.

Price Level Price
VIP Gold Seats $120.00
VIP Floor Seats $120.00
VIP $90.00
3rd $60.00
4th $40.00
5th $25.00


 Date  Morning Afternoon Late Afternoon Evening
Thursday, Dec. 17 7:00 PM
Friday, Dec. 18 7:00 PM
Saturday, Dec 19 11:00 AM 3:00 PM 7:00 PM
Sunday, Dec. 20 1:00 PM 5:00 PM


Happy Parenting!