Monster Jam Review

April 10th, 2016 by Lindsay Martin with no comments

Oh, Monster Jam… You are every little boy’s loud-noised, smashed-truck, stunt-daring dream. At least my son would agree…

This past Friday night, we had the pleasure of experiencing our FIRST Monster Jam! My little dude has been talking about seeing a Monster Truck show since as long as he could say the words “truck”… This day was inevitable. And while I myself was excited to attend, I am not going to lie, I had my concerns about the noise. However, I’ll admit, it was not an issue.

When we arrived at the US Bank Arena, I was impressed by the well organized logistics to get into the door. Red carpets leading to where you needed to go, fun trucks to take pictures next to, little stands around every corner- you could feel the excitement rush over you even before you got to your seat. I’ll be honest, I was mostly surprised that the crowd in attendance was not what I had pictured in my mind. People were friendly, the staff was helpful, and while I left my heels at home, I am glad that I brought my coat. It was chilly in there! I assume because they had to keep the place well ventilated as the fumes from the trucks were a force to be reckoned with. Phew. If I had any complaint, it would be those fumes.

Once we landed at our seats (which were awesome, no issues in viewing), the show rev’ed up! We were beyond excited (and I nervous) as I had no idea what to expect. Thankfully, at the beginning and throughout the show the presenters clued us in as to what to expect next. This helped me manage my nerves and also to help my little dude know what was going on.

I am going to spare some of the details of the show, because hey- who wants to ruin all the fun!? But, between competitions, stunts, dancing in our seats and appearances by my sons two favorites: Grave Digger and Scooby-Do, this is one performance we are thankful we didn’t miss. My son is already asking when we can go back. Oh, did I mention how impressed I was with the level of skill of the drivers!… Two of which were women! Ahem. Yea. That’s right! Take that! anyone who says women can’t drive.

Overall, it was a great night and experience for us and we are soo thankful for the opportunity to attend and review our experience. I would recommend making sure to dress warmly and bring those ear plugs!

Disclosure: I received tickets to attend & review Monster Jam. No additional compensation. The opinions of this review are my own.