Pet Gift Box Review and Giveaway!

December 15th, 2014 by Kayleigh Davidson with 26 comments

Anybody who knows me can tell you that I am absolutely obsessed with my pups! They can also tell you that I love to be up to date on the coolest, most convenient, and useful pet related items that are on the market.

Recently, I was given the opportunity to review a pet subscription box service that is available to pet parents, called Pet Gift Box. Based out of New York, Pet Gift Box provides a monthly box of goodies for your furry best friend. Don’t have a dog? That’s okay because they also provide the same service for cats!

Each month, a box is delivered to your door, and it contains 4-6 pet related items. They hand pick the items based on the information that you share with them at the time of your registration, such as size, and type of pet. The boxes are shipped on the first of each month and are expected to arrive before the tenth of the month, and shipping is free! Personally, I hate finding a great deal on an item, just to find out at checkout that I have to pay an additional shipping fee, so this is a plus for me!

Okay, so let’s get to the fun part: the contents of my first box! On the day that we received the box, I was already thrilled with the packaging, specifically the label. Under my name, were the names of our two dogs! I always love when my girls get recognition, no matter how small, and this made me even more excited to open the box to see what was inside. Once I opened the box, I literally squealed with excitement. The contents of the box were still hidden, wrapped nicely in paper, and the paper was sealed with a sticker that had the names of my girls on it! There was also a card that welcomed us to Pet Gift Box, and explained a referral program that they have that gives their customers the opportunity to save money off of their future boxes. For each friend that signs up, you can save $5 off of your next box and your friend saves $5 off their box too! Originally the price is $17.99 a month, and with just one referral, you can get a box for $12.99: an even greater deal!

Pet Gift Box  Pet Gift Box Inside

When I finally made it to the contents of the box, I was NOT let down! Inside I discovered a bag of Pup-rrr-Mint treats and six toys.

Pet Gift Box Full Box

The treats were a big hit for me, and my girls. They loved the flavor as well as the chew factor that the treats had. For me, I loved the freshness of their breath! Bella loves to sit right next to my husband and I and heavy breath in our faces. It can be a little extra stinky at times, and these treats helped us out…a lot! The Pup-rrr-mint Dental Chews retail at $6.79 per bag.

Pet Gift Box Pup-rrr-Mint Treats

The squeaker pig was one of Bella’s favorite toys in the box. She loves to play fetch, and the shape of the pig gave her exactly what she wanted. She also prefers rubber toys over plush toys, so she was in heaven with this one. Dolly is the “chewer” out of the two of them, and she too loved the texture of this toy. Unfortunately, she was the one to finally “kill” the pig, but they both loved it while it lasted! The Black Eyed Cuties Animals retail at $6.99 each.

Pet Gift Box Pig

The next toy was a plush polar bear with a squeaker inside. This was the first toy that Bella snatched out of the box. She loved throwing the bear around our house, and Dolly loved squeaking him with her mouth. The Plush Holiday Chubz retail at $7.89 each.

Pet Gift Box Polar Bear

Our third prize was an orange starfish. Both girls love playing fetch with it because the shape allows it to roll in various directions when it hits the ground. The Vermont Fleece Star retails at $7.69.


We weren’t exactly sure what the fourth toy was. While the unique shape provided a ton of fun for the girls, we didn’t know what to call it, so we decided that it looked most like an elephant or a mouse. Who knows? All we know is that they loved this toy! The long tails provided a way for them to swing the toy around, and the unique fabric on the toy helped the toy to last even longer. Did I mention that Dolly LOVES to chew on toys? The Pet Speak Streamers retail at $9.39 each.

Pet Gift Box Streamers Toy

The fifth toy was your classic rope toy with a ball on the end that read “Dogs Rule”. I couldn’t agree more! This was Dolly’s first choice from the box, for obvious reasons, and she hogged this one! Bella didn’t have a chance to play with this one before Dolly annihilated the ball. She worked on it for hours! The Knotty Tug Toy retails at $8.59.

Pet Gift Box Rope Toy

The sixth, and final toy was a penguin. The body was a hard ball wrapped in fabric, and a stretchy neck. This toy was actually my favorite, especially because it surprised me! After having the toys for a couple of days, I was home alone with the girls. They were playing with toys, and I was working on a final paper for school, so the house was quiet. Suddenly, I hear a man singing Christmas music. I couldn’t figure out where it was coming from! I looked in the tree, thinking my husband had hidden a singing ornament in there. Nope. Then I walk toward the kitchen, and in the process pass Dolly. That’s when I realized that the penguin toy was singing! I was thrilled! Out of all the toys, this toy has lasted the longest, and they love making him sing. It’s adorable and perfect for the holiday season! The Holiday Babblers toy retails at $10.59

Pet Gift Box Penguin

What’s my final opinion you ask? I would definitely recommend this box! The total value of the box was $57.93 + $4.99 in shipping (which was free!). That brings the grand total to $62.92. With the box only costing $17.99, that brings the savings to $44.93! That’s huge! As a pet mom to two bulldogs, I know how hard it can be to find toys that not only entertain, but also last and don’t drain my bank account. This can be next to impossible! While the girls did tear four out of six toys to shreds, I would’ve paid at least double the cost of the box for those two toys they didn’t destroy at a store, not to mention the trial and error of finding toys that last! The breath treats are an even bigger bonus. Dental treats can be ridiculously overpriced, and are never guaranteed to work, or appeal to the dogs that eat them.

Even though the contents of the box are a surprise each month, I feel confident that the future boxes will live up to the hype of the first one, and be worth it too! As an added bonus, a portion of all proceeds is given to America’s VetDogs, an organization that serves the needs of vets with disabilities. That’s amazing!

Pet Gift Box

Pet Gift Box currently has a promotion running for the holidays! Snap a holiday photo of your pet(s), and upload it to the Pet Gift Box Facebook page ( or to Twitter or Instagram with #HolidayTailz.

Pet Gift Box Holiday Tailz

Interested in trying out a box for yourself? I’ve got great news for you! The folks at Pet Gift Box are working with me to give away a free box. That’s right, a FREE box! You can enter to win at the bottom of this post. In addition to the free box giveaway, Pet Gift Box has also shared a coupon code for all of our readers to use! The promotion code is: TheClubMom, and it is good for 25% off your first box. The coupon code expires January 31st, 2015. Everybody is a winner with this giveaway! The winner of the free box will be announced no later than December 31st, 2014.

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