Pet Gift Box Review (Take Two!) and Coupon Code!

March 23rd, 2015 by Kayleigh Davidson with no comments

Spring is finally here! With that comes gardens, dreams of the beach, and of course March Madness.

I was just given another great opportunity to work with the folks over at Pet Gift Box, this time reviewing their March subscription box. If you are familiar with my previous posts, you will know that I reviewed a box that they sent to me right before Christmas. I absolutely loved the box then (both of my girls are constantly digging the singing penguin toy out of their toy box) and I love it even more now!

This month’s box was full of awesomeness! Everything in the box matched the theme of March Madness.


The first thing I noticed about this box was the variety. There weren’t just toys, or treats, but also healthy and wellness products too! These are from brands that I haven’t heard of yet (and I do an awful lot of research on pet products). One product was called Licks: Liquid Vitamins for the Active Dog (Athlete). This is made for the pet parents out there who struggle getting their pups to take any sort of supplement or medication without hiding it in their food. This product was great for Bella because she licks EVERYTHING so this came as second nature to her. I was even more excited that Dolly totally loved it! She won’t let me give her anything that is considered a vitamin, supplement, or medication, and it can be so frustrating.

Retail Value: $3.20 per packet


The second health and wellness product came in the form of a sunscreen stick. It’s called Fou-Stick: Soothe and it’s a natural soothing pet balm. This was particularly great for us because Bella, who likes to lick everything she sees, has a bad habit of licking her paw. We are pretty sure that this is a mixture of dry, sensitive skin, and a longtime habit that was never addressed until we adopted her. Bella loved when I put this on her and immediately stopped licking her paw. Dolly hates when we put anything medicinal on her. She loves dressing up in costumes though, so who knows what her problem is. I particularly loved that I could identify and pronounce the ingredients in the product itself.

Retail Value: $4.99 each


Can we talk about my obsession with decorated dog treats? My husband (a secret lover of cute dog treats) can’t seem to understand the time I like to spend at pet stores picking out the perfect treats for our girls. When I saw this little basketball treat, made by the Bubba Rose Biscuit Company, in our box I couldn’t contain my excitement! It was just super cute and totally tasty (according to my girls of course). It made me want to order more immediately!

Retail Value: $3.99 each


If you’ve read my posts before, you know that I love Zuke’s! This month’s box contained a full-sized bag of Power Bones: Natural Energy Bites for Active Dogs. My girls absolutely love these and I feel good knowing that I’m giving them treats that are healthy and good for them.

Retail Value: $6.99 per bag


The next bag of treats was Muttz-RRR-Ella Dental Chews in their cheddar cheese flavor. If you gave my girls a choice between cheese and a bone, they would immediately choose the cheese (and then come back for the bone later). I knew they were going to love these before I even opened the package. In the last box we received, we got minty chews from the same company and the girls just devoured those. Add cheese to the mix and it’s over. I repeat, OVER. I think I mentioned it last time, but it’s important to point out that buying a bag of dental treats for dogs can quickly empty your pockets. When I grab a couple at the store, I’m already spending $5 on just two treats. Getting a bag of dental chews in a subscription box really shows how much you are getting for the price you pay!

Retail Value: $16.00 per bag


The first toy that we received was the Hip Sneaker Toy by Pride Bites. Apparently this toy has won the award for Best Dog Toy which is awesome! This toy is great because it is machine washable (great for when it starts to stink from dog drool), and it floats in water (even better for the swimming pool). It’s also supposed to be pretty durable, which is great for dogs like mine who like to chew up their toys before they play with them.

Retail Value: $9.00 each


The last toy in our box was a fuzzy basketball by Spot. To be honest, I wasn’t sure my girls would really care about this toy. They aren’t big fans of fetch (as in they run after the ball but then get distracted or just refuse to bring it back) and they have a few other balls in their toy box that they never play with. As soon as I got this toy out however, Bella snatched it from me and started playing with it like it was her favorite toy! She has regularly been getting it out of the toy box and will throw it up in the air and chase after it. Dolly loves it too, but Bella is a bit of a toy hog sometimes.

Retail Value: $8.00 each


The total value of the box was $52.17 but they only charged $17.99 for the box. That’s a total savings of $34.18. That’s HUGE!

Each month, you can have Pet Gift Box send you a box filled to the brim with great surprises for only $17.99 per month. Sound steep? As a lover of all things pet related, I can tell you that $17.99 per month is way cheaper that most of the other guys out there. Usually you only pay less than $20 a month when you commit to a full year and pay upfront. With Pet Gift Box, you don’t have to commit to something if you don’t like it, but trust me, you will!

If you are still questioning whether or not you want to try the box, or even if you plan on signing up right now, here’s special offer from the people over at Pet Gift Box: use the code THECLUBMOM at check out to receive 25% off your first box. You can access their site here.

As an added bonus, your purchase helps to support America’s Vet Dogs, which is a group that provides assistance to veterans with disabilities.

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I have not received any compensation for writing this post. I have no material connection to the brands, products, or services that I have mentioned. I received the box mentioned above for free in the hope that I would review it on our blog site. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.