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July 17th, 2015 by Kayleigh Davidson with 36 comments

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Whenever I’m at a store with my husband, and we see an item with a picture of a bulldog on it, he says, “Do you want that?” in a teasing way. I always respond, “If it was actually a picture of Dolly and Bella, then I would definitely get it! Otherwise, no.” It’s like a long-standing joke between us, but now, it doesn’t have to be! Recently I came across a company that makes personalized items for your pets!

PrideBites is a company that prides itself on making every product your pet needs, and they mean it! From toys to beds, you can find exactly what you’re looking for, and personalize it to make it even better! When PrideBites started, they were unhappy with the dog toys on the market, so they set out to create something unique and special for the consumer. I think they nailed it!

My husband and I went through the list of products that PrideBites has to offer, and decided that our girls need their own hoodies. If it were just me deciding, I would’ve ordered two of everything, but since he has a habit of bringing me back to reality, we both agreed on the hoodies. Trust me though, I was beyond excited for them!

IMG_8258_Fotor PrideBites Hoodie

Ordering was super easy. You can choose to order a color combination that they have already created, or to customize your own. I chose to create my own color combos, pink for Dolly and purple for Bella. If ever we have the choice, we always dress them in those colors. It’s so much easier to coordinate everything, and to stay organized with their belongings.

Customizing was a cinch! First, you chose a size. If you have any questions about the size you should order, they have a super easy to read size chart to reference. All you need is a tape measure to figure out your pup’s measurements. The chart even shows you exactly where to measure, if you have any questions at all. Dolly was easy to figure out. She fit perfectly in all of the large measurements. Bella was a little tougher. She measures large in most areas but extra large around her neck. I was torn on what to order for her, but she ended up with a large. Luckily, the neck on the hoodie is stretchy, and doesn’t constrict her airways at all. I love that there is a little wiggle room with the sizes. An extra large would’ve been too big for her everywhere else!


Next you pick the main color of the hoodie. This was easy for me! I picked pink for Dolly and purple for Bella. They have sixteen different color choices though so the possibilities are endless! They sort them between bold colors, and warm colors, so it’s easier to choose. After you choose the main color, you choose the accent color. This is the color that lines the edge of the armholes, the hood, and is the color of the zipper. I chose to do black for both hoodies. The black really stands out against the bright colors.

Next, you add your dog’s name. I really like that you can customize the color of their name AND the font style. Since my girls are classy little ladies, I chose the “Classy Canine” font, and I had their names written in white. That was it for my order. Super easy! Once I completed my order, all I had to do was wait. The estimated shipping time is 4-6 weeks. My order shipped at about five weeks, and boy was I excited when I opened it!

Now, since I believe in full disclosure when I’m writing reviews, I have one small story to share. When I opened Dolly’s hoodie, it was absolutely perfect! It fit her like a glove, and the color just popped. However, when I opened Bella’s hoodie, it wasn’t really purple. It looked more like a dark pink. I’m not a bit complainer, and I know that things online can look a little different than in person, but I went ahead and emailed customer service anyway. BEST. EXPERIENCE. EVER.


The employee who worked with me on this was so kind, and very apologetic. He assured me that everything would be taken care of, and would be shipped out to me ASAP. When I finally got the order, only a couple weeks later, Bella’s hoodie was definitely purple! I was so happy, and I immediately emailed the company letting them know how awesome everything turned out.

Each hoodie is $27.99, which is not bad at all! That’s about the cost of a dog outfit from PetSmart or any other retailer, but you also get a customized product when you order from PrideBites! All of the other products are fairly priced as well, and I can’t wait to order them! My husband and I are actually moving into our first house in the next few months (we are currently fixing it up) and I know that the girls will need a new food mat, bed, and blankets.


I checked out the customization tool for each of the other products PrideBites offers, and they were all just as easy to use. For the beds, food mats, blankets, and toys, you can choose to personalize your product with a hand-drawn picture of your pup. You just upload a few pictures of your dog, and the artists at Pride Bites will draw a beautiful cartoon like picture to add to your product. Love it! They also offer a variety of patterns for some of their products, like plaid, chevron, and polka dots.

PrideBites Toys

While we’ve never had a personalized toy from PrideBites, we do have plenty of their toys in the girls’ toy box. Their toys last forever! Dolly rips toys to shreds, and she has yet to destroy any PrideBites toy. She actually loves playing with them too! Their toys were actually awarded “Best Dog Toy” in 2013.

I can’t say enough nice things about this company, and to top it off, they give back to dogs in need. Everybody needs to check out Pride Bites and order from them immediately. They are truly awesome!

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We have teamed up with PrideBites for a giveaway! Enter to win a classic toy from PrideBites below. While you are waiting for the winner to be announced, make sure you check out their website. You can enter the code THECLUBMOM at check out to save 20% on your order of anything on their site. Check out their website here!

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You can check out PrideBites on Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or their website.


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