Pure Barre … Is the 10 class ” see the difference” legit?

December 3rd, 2014 by Jen Rockwern with no comments

Hey moms! I am a 30 something mommy of three little people ranging in age from 4 to 8 months ! I have always been into fitness but after the birth of my last baby earlier this year; I wanted a fitness routine that would help whip me back into shape quick and help tone my very  saggy midsection.  A friend of mine ( who looks amazing after 4 kiddos) swears by Pure Barre and told me to give it a try ….. They promise you will ” see a difference in 10 classes” and the first class is free so I took my 3 week postpartum self in and gave it a try!


Walking into the studio I was greeted by one of the friendly instructors! After I was signed in she first showed me around the little boutique that is in the front of all pure barre locations. The inventory was quite impressive and they carry great brands of workout gear including my fave Splits 59. She showed me where I could purchase a pair of official Pure Barre sticky socks ( socks are required in all classes but you can wear your own) . After she showed me around she took me into the studio to set up. After we grabbed a ball, set of free weights and a stretchy red tube, the instructor demoed some of the exercises and described the Pure Barre “small movements ” concept. When doing Pure Barre, movements are small but you will fell the burn!

classes are very easy to follow and have the same format, a warm up, thigh work , seat work and core. Although the movements are small the burn is NOT! I was shocked at how quickly I felt fatigued ! They challenge you to make your muscles shake when holding the positions and they will! The moves are not complicated and almost leave you thinking that movements so simple could  never change your body….. Wrong

10 class promise is true ! I attended the recommended 3 classes a week for a month ( I bought a very discounted new client unlimited package that all Pure Barre studios offer) and I ( and my husband) noticed that I looked much more toned ! I was shocked by how great my arms and butt looked! Pure Barre will work to give your Back side the signature ” Pure Barre ledge”  after my first 10 classes I felt tighter all over, and even though my weight hadn’t dropped as much as I was hoping for; my clothing was fitting a lot less snug! What I love the most  about Pure Barre is it’s always challenging ! No matter how many classes you complete you still feel that signature Pure Barre. ” shake” in your muscles !

To Sum it up….

Go to Pure Barre!!  You will notice a change! They have locations all over the US and because the teachers are all trained the exact same way, workouts will follow the same flow and have familiar exercises no matter what studio you go too …. A perk if you travel for  work. The atmosphere , staff and upbeat music played during class make it a welcoming and fun environment ; the results you will see after your first 10 classes make it worth the time and money invested.