Ruby Ribbon Update + Flash Sale

September 13th, 2015 by Amanda with 2 comments

I have posted before about my experience with Ruby Ribbon Tanks.   I am still truly impressed with this product, I will hardly ever wear a traditional Bra anymore.  This product is not only an instant tummy tuck it is a full on Body LIFT.  I will let the pictures speak for themselves.  I do have to tell you I felt instant back relief and it is TRUE… you DO NOT need to wear a bra with the Full Support Cami.  I have one in almost every color! I love the silicone gripper edge on the bottom that keeps it from riding up, the straps stay in place –  there’s nothing more annoying than tugging on your undergarments in public.

I have previously posted here about Ruby Ribbon and how I found out about them.

Here are my before and after pics:


Are you amazed?  I know I am!!!   I don’t know what shocks me more… the terrible before pic or the amazing results of the after picture… I mean how is this possible?  And so comfortable?  Ruby Ribbon shapewear hugs you, it doesn’t “spank” you.

I promised to let you know when they were having another FLASH Sale!  They are offering 30% off all their basics.  This is pretty much everything I have and love!  It’s a great time to try the tanks.  I love their leggings, I have several pairs.  They are the only ones I wear!  The sale ends tomorrow, Monday, September 14th at 11:59 PST.


We now have a local rep!  Amy Slazyk,  friend of mine actually started selling it.  She is located in Northern KY.  If you are interested in a personal fitting or hosting a party you can contact her here –


You can shop her website here: