Simple, Honest Food for Your Pets (and a giveaway!)

June 14th, 2015 by Kayleigh Davidson with 44 comments


Whenever somebody asks me what I feed my girls, I can never name a specific food. To be honest, I don’t think it’s fair to give pets the same food twice a day, every day for their whole lives, although I do realize that some pets have a sensitive stomach, my girls don’t.  I do, however, follow a small set of standards for the food that I feed them: no wheat, soy, corn, or weird by products. I also like to change up the proteins that my girls have in their diets. Variety is the spice of life right?


Recently, I was given the opportunity to try out Revel by The Honest Kitchen in their chicken recipe. Usually I feed my girls dry dog food, but their favorite treat is wet food. I say it’s a treat because the amount of food they would need to consume in one day each would quickly drain my bank account. With The Honest Kitchen, I don’t have to worry about spending too much money to keep my girls healthy! Their 10lb box is the equivalent of 40lbs of dog food! All you need to do is add water. The 10lb box costs $59.99 and will last about a month, depending on your dog’s size, just like all other dog foods. That’s really quite perfect for me because I have to buy 40lbs of food every month, and my total comes about to about $60 each time. If I were to buy wet food off the shelf, I would have to feed each of my girls about three containers a day, which adds up way too quickly to $6 a day per dog!


Something that I really like about The Honest Kitchen is the variety of foods they have. Just under the “Dog” category, they offer grain free (chicken, turkey, or beef), whole grain (chicken, turkey, or beef), epicurean (duck or fish), and minimalist (chicken with very limited ingredients). They also have base mixes that are made of vegetables, fruits, nuts, and seeds, and you just need to add water and the protein of your choice. For all of you cat lovers out there, they also offer grain free chicken and turkey recipes, and the turkey recipe is great for kittens as well.

Of course, no pet owner should ever run out of treats for their furry friends, and The Honest Kitchen has you covered there as well. They offer natural supplements that are suitable for both cats and dogs, as well as treats for just cats, just dogs, or both.










Besides cost, another reason that we don’t typically buy wet food is because it is absolutely the appalling in looks and smell. While my girls love it, it can be especially hard to stomach the smell when preparing it for them. When I opened up the box of Revel, I was pleasantly surprised, not only did the dry food smell good, once I added water, I think it smelled even better! It reminded me of baby food, and it wasn’t overwhelming. It really smelled healthy! Now the wet food version didn’t look beautiful, but it also didn’t look like a chunky meaty mess. It was very green, which shows that they really do put vegetables inside.

My final verdict on The Honest Kitchen is this: buy it!

Both of my girls absolutely LOVED the food, and got to the point that they knew when I was opening the box up to give them something to eat.

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