Sleep Zzz Pillow – Review

March 21st, 2018 by Amanda with no comments

Every where I turn lately everyone has been talking about the importance of sleep!  We now have devices to track this for us, which can be really en lighting or really depressing once you get your results!

The National Sleep Foundation has issued revised recommendations for “sleep health,” or how much shut-eye is needed to have energy to live normally. Determining where one falls on the “sleep-needs spectrum” includes variables such as age and lifestyle factors — work schedules, technology usage and stress, to name a few.


I have been looking for a new pillow for Austin for a while now and when I saw this one, I HAD to have it for him!

Introducing the Sleep Zzz Pillow from the makers the Twin Z Pillow as Seen on ABC’s show Shark Tank!

The Sleep Zzz Pillow is a kids sleep pillow (ages 3 and up) that surrounds your child with the snuggly softness and security of their very own body pillow sized perfectly for them!


This pillow helps kids fall asleep faster and most importantly STAY asleep providing a more restful nights sleep for your child and you! Everyone wins!

Sleep consultant Tested – by Austin and HE LOVED it!!!!


This pillow is also great for kids with sensory issues. Children love the 3mm pile cuddle fabric. It is super fuzzy!!

The Sleep Zzz cuddles your child. It is like being held by a parent to fall asleep. The perfect shape!

I love this pillow for me too!  Ava wants one as well!  Looks like we will be ordering two more!


You can get yours here:



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