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September 23rd, 2015 by Kayleigh Davidson with no comments


My husband and I just recently bought our first house (yay!) but it’s definitely a fixer-upper. As we’ve been working on it, we have been living in an apartment, and we regularly find ourselves talking about our dream house and everything that would be inside.

Some of those dreams include things that we would love for our girls, Dolly and Bella, to have for themselves. One of those items: a ramp that helps them get into bed every night!


Luckily, as if the universe was on our side, we were given the opportunity to try out the Wood Beside Ramp by Solvit!

Solvit is a company that focuses on travel, access and mobility, and staying active, specifically for your furry best friend. If you are searching for a product in one of those categories, they definitely have it for you.

Now, we have gone back and forth on whether get a ramp or stairs. Stairs take up less space, but are harder to maneuver with the girls’ wide set bodies. They are also harder on their hind legs from jumping up and down each step. A ramp takes up more space, but has a gentle incline that they can simply walk (or run!) up when they use it.


While space can be an issue in our apartment, our house is a bit bigger, so we went with the ramp! Given the pros and cons of both ramps and stairs, we took the “gentle on their bodies” option, and haven’t looked back. Plus, the picture of the ramp on their website featured a super cute English Bulldog. Obviously that was a sign for us!

Our ramp came in a large box shortly after we ordered it. Once we opened it, we took a deep breath and jumped right in to assembling. Assembly was SO easy! I can easily take it apart and put it right back together if I need to. If for some reason I am unable to take it apart or put it back together, I can just access Solvit’s website and see the instructions on there.


My favorite part of the ramp is the large landing pad at the top. Instead of just a ramp that continues upwards, it levels out at the top with an area that’s large enough for my big bullies to stop on. They can also get off the bed by climbing onto the landing and walking back down.

I also love that the ramp is made out of wood and looks elegant in our bedroom! Some places sell cheap looking plastic stairs and ramps that look like they would fall apart if you set a feather on them. The ramp, however, is sturdy, and can hold up to 120 pounds!

Solvit also has some other awesome products that are focused around travel, access and mobility, and staying active. One of my favorite products to use with my girls are seatbelt and harnesses. Some people look at me funny when I tell them that the girls are always buckled in when we are driving around, but we do it for their safety! You might be a safe driver, but you never know how other people are driving. That’s why we buckle them in. Solvate sells a harness that you can put on your pooch and hook a seatbelt to, keeping your best friend safe in case of an accident. They also sell a tether that can be used in any car when you are in a hurry.

Solvit is a fantastic company that is focused on keeping our best friends safe, happy, and healthy. We love their products so much that we have teamed up with Solvit to host a giveaway! Simply enter below! In the mean time, check out Solvit’s website to look at all of their products and to find a dealer near you.

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