Sprinkle idea for 2nd Baby – Diaper Dinner!

October 22nd, 2014 by Amanda with 12 comments



I believe every child/pregnancy/child bearing mom should be celebrated/pampered in some fashion. Two of my very good friends are pregnant right now, one with her second (we don’t know the sex) and one with her 3rd boy!


These same friends threw a sprinkle for me with my second… a pool party since I was due in July.  We all had a blast.  It was more or less a girls day, a good reason for all of us to hang out and relax together.  It was fun to have them celebrate my second child with me.  It made me feel loved and appreciated.


Of course, there are differing opinions on baby showers and how many you should have but that is not the reason of this post!  Nor is that how my group of friends are… Thank goodness!!  We like to have a good time!  We always have!  Does it get harder to do that when we all live far apart and have several kids among us – all varied in ages, busy lives, jobs, commitments, of course it is!


I knew I wanted to do something special each of my friends, blessed with their new babies on the way!  Neither one of them, of course, wanted a big deal made of it.  It was hard to decide what to do because they had most everything they needed from their current sons.


When we do go out we typically frequent Don Pablos on the River.  We love the frozen drinks and the atmosphere!  I thought why not do it there!?  Then I came across the idea of a Diaper Dinner from another friend.  Genius!  Everyone can use diapers!!  I used Evite – it is FREE and easy to create the above adorable invite!


Another friend found a pic of the cute small diaper inspired center piece idea on pintrest.  I had to have them!  One call to my crafty friend Jayne, a bottle of wine and movie later, we made the center pieces!

enhance (3)


Even though Emily was having contractions most of the day of the dinner.  She showed up!  We ate, laughed, talked, had a nice time, and then she got to go home with a car full of diapers!  What expecting Momma wouldn’t love that?!


Stayed tuned for pics and a post about the next Sprinkle!!


Have you had or thrown a sprinkle?