Summertime Fun with Toddlers and Babies

May 27th, 2015 by Jennifer Waugh with no comments

SummerTime Fun with Toddlers and Babies

As Summer is fast upon us I find myself wondering how can I make the most of this season for my 2 year old and 4 month old. I have to say at first I find it overwhelming of how to manage navigating different activities with a baby. Here is a list of some ideas I believe we will be able to accomplish to have a great summer and some helpful tips.

  1. Zoo Time- I think this will be great to do in the mornings. My toddler is into all animals right now so this should be fun. I am aiming for a 9 to 12 time frame on the days we do the zoo. If you haven’t invested in your local zoo membership it’s a great thing! You are able to see the favorite animals, bring your lunch in and by 12 the kiddos are tuckered out.  Check out this Coupon for the Zoo: Cincinnati Zoo — $2 off Adult admission, $1 off child admission.  One of the highlights for us is riding the train after lunch then we head out. Thankfully one of the amazing amenities our local zoo now offers is a nursing lounge which makes traveling with the baby even better.  You can also turn the zoo into a learning experience by bringing along this animal flip book to help learn the zoo animals.
  2. Children’s Museum-  The children’s museums have wonderful programs from story times to science programs. Our local museum even has a special section for babies and younger toddlers. Once again you can make this an early morning outing and bring your lunch.
  3. Story Times at the Library – Check your local libraries for story times they sometimes even have special events. Our local library even offers prizes for books read during the summer it is open for toddlers to teenagers.
  4. Parks Parks are one of my favorites we like to explore a new park each week. It is always fun to change it up. Some are great for taking nature walks and some have exciting playgrounds or splash pads.
  5. Playdates- This is a great time of the year to schedule playdates it is always fun to do an outside playdate you can host it at a park and your home. If you have a group of close friends with children then each can take turns hosting a playdate.
  6. Pool Time-  I find this is one of the best ways to use up all that toddler excess energy. Whether is be a plastic pool in the backyard, some slip and slide fun, or sprinkler fun. When the weather is warm it is always fun to have some water play.
  7. Pack Two Bags- I have two bags packed for the summer. I have a pool bag and park bag. Each contain a spare set of clothes, mini first aid kit, sunscreen, and the park bag has sand toys and the pool bag has the floats, swim diapers, and pool toys. This way I don’t have to change out the bags each day depending on what we decide to do. This is a great link for pool time snacks but will also work for the park too.
  8. MOM’s Helper-  Look for a younger girl who is wanting to gain experience with children. Here locally we have babysitting classes for girls around the age of 10 to 12. Most of them are looking to earn some experience so that they can build up references for babysitting. This can be quite helpful for days with outings to help you and they usually are not that expensive to have the added help.

Have a wonderful and exciting summer.

Your Friend,