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Tis the Season of GIVING!  I LOVE LOVE LOVE giving gifts!  Each year I take each of my children shopping to buy a gift from them to their sibling.  They do chores, save their money, and buy each other a present.  They even started doing this for each other for their birthdays too.  I guess

I remember watching the movie Splash with Bo Derick in the 1980’s and wanting to be a mermaid!  I have bought the cutest pajamas for my niece and Ava for Christmas and have been on the hunt for mermaid tail blankets.  That is when I came across this site for actual swimming mermaid tails!  Yes

I am always finding it easier to shop for Ava than Austin!  Girls are just so easy!  Earrings, make up, nail polish, clothes, shoes, they love it ALL!  Check out these great gift ideas from SMITCO for you girls for the Holiday Season! Get 15% OFF your TOTAL CART using our coupon code below!  Happy

Searching for the perfect gift this holiday season?  I don’t know about you but my kids have to have a night light.  I even take one with us when we travel.  My son’s room is Avenger themed, and he was Captain America and Thor for Halloween the past two years.   I was SO excited

This excerpt is from my Company’s Women’s Network Newsletter (2010).  I had to share, I found myself nodding my head at every word and wanting to scream, “AMEN” when I finished reading!  The excerpt was written by one of the top female executives at my company, at the time.  I have found her to be

Our Current Super Steal Mommy deal is from Refined Wreath.  I ordered the below wreath for the front door of our new house!  I love tulips and monograms and the green bow matches our door perfectly! The Monogram Letter is made out of real painted wood. I Love this wreath!  I love the tulips and

Who DOESN’T love stickers? I remember receiving a new sticker or sticker pack from my grandparents as a special bonus for being good. I also remember sticking them to everything. Stickers may be the reason I’m becoming a teacher, because I will basically have an endless supply of stickers to give out. Come to think

As we are nearing the end of the school year, my sister told me of great idea/project that she was doing for my nephew.  I decided, I have to do it too!  It is such a good idea I had to share! What you need:   Buy a Dr. Seuss, “Oh the Places You’ll Go” book (one