Hey everyone! Can you believe Summer is 9 days away?! I know if feels like Summer already, with the heat and kids being out of school already, but the official start of Summer is actually June 21st 🙂 So, if you are not currently where you would like to be for THIS Summer, now is

There are a million things we have to remember to do every day. Moms on the other hand, have roughly a billion things to remember. One of those things, which is probably the furthest from your mind right now, is replacing your toothbrush. That’s not where you thought I was going, was it? GoodMouth is

Remember my “Eat THIS not THAT” post recently? Well, I’m at it again and this time I’ve drilled down even further, in terms of the nutritional information, regarding your typical fast food breakfast items and compared it to a healthier breakfast option. So here goes.. Let’s take a minute to look at the nutritional differences