Almost exactly 2 years ago I made a New Year’s Resolution to make my Health and Fitness a priority. I was tired, out of shape and overweight. I knew I wanted more for myself and more for my family. So, I decided I would start by running… And trust me, I didn’t get far. BUT,

Kids read all the time during the school year, but what happens in the summer when there is less encouragement to read? Summer learning loss erases gains made during the school year. The research is clear that children who don’t read or who aren’t read to during the summer can loose up to three months

As a teacher, I’m very keen to products that boost the learning experiences young children have. When I heard about Kiwibop, I knew I just had to try it out! Kiwibop is a subscription service that sends out postcards to your child monthly. Each postcard has a vibrantly colored photo, along with a few interesting