Meal Plan

Ugh, I have been in such a rut lately with cooking.  I haven’t done much of it.  I need to get back in the swing.  My friend Kate is a meticulous meal planner (for her family) and types all her meal plans up… so I casually mentioned, “Hey, could you just email that my way

As promised I did some major research, pod cast listening/reading , and advice from experienced moms who manage to have a system down. I am bringing everything I learned directly to you and what systems I am going to put in place. Hopefully in the next 3 weeks before school is officially up and going

AHOY MATEYS! Arrrrrrrr! So… Ye want t’ be a pirate aye? Ready to set sail, but carrying too much “BOOTY”? Well, Yo-ho-ho! Keep a weathered eye open matey! I’ve got a plan for you! Whether yer a Lad or a Lass Get ready to fly yer Jolly Roger! or Walk the PLANK! X Marks the

Hey everyone! I’ve got some exciting news for you! May 4th-10th I’m having a free 7 Day Swimsuit Slimdown Challenge and you are ALL invited 🙂 Included in the challenge will be a full meal plan, grocery list for the week, access to workouts, support from a team of people just like you, additional nutritional