There is a new offering at Becoming Mom® Spa + Ultrasound which allows you to capture the beauty of your growing belly in a classic and simple silhouette! These sessions are done in the comfort and convenience of Becoming Mom’s spa in Mason and are available to anyone with or without an appointment. Sessions can be

I love volunteering for school/kids sports events. It keeps me connected with my kids, and I truly enjoy the company of the other parent volunteers. But when we work on posters and flyers, cutting out the letters, gluing, pasting, painting, cleaning up the scraps… I’m not gonna lie, it’s a lot of work, gets pretty

I am so behind on creating photo albums for the kids (like 5 years behind).  I just found this website for creating photobooks.  It is by far the easiest site I have used to create a book.  It connects right to your Facebook photos (or others).  I loved that it connected to facebook because