I know most of you have were on and engaged the night I opened all the Kroger goodies! In case you missed it, here is the video: So many of you commented to let me know your favorite Nacho toppings!  There were SO many good ones!  Guacamole was in the lead I believe, oh and

I have been trying to eat healthier.  One of the things I would like to do on my journey is introduce more fish into my diet. However, I have always been unsure as to how to cook it or handle it.  Recently, I went to a Kroger Event where they were launching “Easy for you,

It’s a New Year!!!  Everyone has made their resolutions, from what I can tell on our Glow 2 Glow giveaway question, more than 50% of our readers resolutions are to get healthy or eat healthier in the New Year!  It is a resolution of mine too.  I would like to do this with out breaking