Tetra Brazil Challenger Sports Summer Camp Review

September 17th, 2018 by Lindsay Martin with no comments


This summer Hayden (7) and Hunter (4) completed their first Tetra Brazil Challenger Sports Soccer Camp. These kiddos had SO. MUCH. FUN.  Both boys are begging to go back.  We will for sure be returning to camp next year. Here are 3 reasons why you should check it out!

  1. It was the perfect balance of fun and skill building. I could see drastic improvement in ball skill, understanding of the game, and sense of confidence on the field. Both my kiddos could maneuver the ball with more speed and agility. The transformation was outstanding.
  2. The coaches were phenomenal. It isn’t every day we have world class trainers fly in from Brazil to teach our children. We were thrilled to opportunity to receive high-level soccer coaching from a team of international expert’s. By the end of camp day one, the coaches knew the kids names and by the end of camp they provided certificates with a written note listing out where they excelled, developed, and needed to improve on. Getting this type of written feedback is good for the young players to reflect on areas they are doing well and where they can improve. Confidence building is Key at this age of soccer players! “Mom of the year” over here forgot to pick her child up from camp day 3, Charlie, Gabby, Diego.
  3. All the swag!  Both my boys walked away looking and strutting like professional soccer players. If you register by a certain date (pre-register) you get a FREE jersey, soccer ball (also pictured below), and a t-shirt.


We survived the 100 degree heat & a few down-pours, made some new friends, and are 100% ready for competitive select Soccer this fall.

Have you tried any of the Challenger Soccer camps?

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