The 364 Days After Mother’s Day…

May 15th, 2015 by Courtney Price with no comments

To the mothers who:
– swear you’re doing it all wrong but hope they won’t remember 😂
– are exhausted and tired but wouldn’t change it for the world
– are teaching the hard lessons and RAISING your children to be productive members of society {Lord knows we could use a lot more of that in the World these days}
– make sacrifices daily to provide a better life for your children
– question the ability of your parenting. Sometimes daily. Sometimes hourly. But keep on keepin’ on
Here’s my piece to you. Even when you’ve had a crummy day. Maybe you’ve yelled more than you’d like to admit. Or even thrown cookies during dinner while at your breaking point. Your babies will still love you unconditionally. When their head hits the pillow at night, if you have hugged them, kissed them, told them you love them, showed them guidance and given it every ounce, they will go to bed with a full heart and they will know they are loved unconditionally. And in return, they too will love YOU unconditionally.
How amazing is that?!