January 15th, 2018 by Lindsay Martin with no comments

This Christmas, Santa bought my daughter a Frozen Karaoke speaker and microphone. This wasn’t like one of those po-dunk karyoke machines that sounds terribly muffled and echoey the whole time, this was pretty close to the “real deal” for under $100. My daughter was ecstatic to get it and of course try it out… Like immediately.  So I raced around the house removing batteries from every electronic I could find, because of course we were not prepared and didn’t buy any Duracell batteries before Christmas (dumb, dumb, dumb). Then I hooked the machine and ran like hell into the kitchen to prepare for what I was certain was going to be complete ear-shrieking bellows from this thing.. To my complete surprise, I began to hear this little tiny voice singing in the most gentle and pitchfully (is that a word? whateves..) on-point sound…

The snow glows white on the mountain tonight
Not a footprint to be seen.
A kingdom of isolation,
and it looks like I’m the Queen
The wind is howling like this swirling storm inside
Couldn’t keep it in;
Heaven knows I’ve tried

I grabbed my iPhone and captured a few minutes of Hadley Singing Frozen while siamotainously starting to plan my retirement on what I believed could be the next Carrie Underwood 🙂 (Ok, ok, a mom can dream.)

But this got me thinking. She is actually pretty good. And she loves singing and dancing.  Maybe I should get her into singing, theatre, or dancing classes. And after talking with a few friends and past teachers, many suggested checking into the Children’s Theatre of Cincinnati. And so here we are, a few weeks away from what will be my daughters first classes in (what I hope) is a lifelong love for music and the arts. We are SO thankful for The Children’s Theatre of Cincinnati for allowing my daughter this opportunity to try one of their awesome classes and share our experience back with you! We hope you join us for what will be an AMAZING winter semester at the Children’s Theatre of Cincinnati!  Here are 4 AWESOME reasons why you should check it out and sign up!

1.) Students now receive 25% MORE classes at the SAME cost! You’ll receive three more weeks of class without the added expense as we move from 12-week to 15-week sessions.  And new classes include: Movement for the Actor, Jazz I, Intro to Makeup, Music Theatre Medley and more!

2.) PERFORMANCE WEEKEND: All of their 15-week classes are part of TCT Academy’s Showcase Weekend in May. You’ll get to see your child performing on stage, featuring what they learned, right on the Showtime Stage on Red Bank Road!

3.) PATHWAYS:  Are you like me and not sure where your child’s artistic journey should begin? TCT has got you covered. Their Pathways program helps you choose the level of commitment and artistic discipline best suited for your child. Their our professional teaching artists will work with you and your child along the way, providing feedback, assessments and tailoring the program right to you!

4.) MAXIMIZE YOUR CHILD’S POTENTIAL: I mean, who knows, they just might make it BIG. And if not, that’s cool too. Because a talent and love for the ARTS is an awesome tool and skill to have!



Enroll your child in our new 15-week Winter Semester which runs January 27-May 20, 2018. Seven-week courses for our Itty-Bitty Artists (ages 2-5) are also available and filling up quickly!
Sign up for multiple classes or register multiple children and you’ll receive a discount!
Check out TCT Academy gift certificates – great for birthdays!
Join us on Red Bank Road and set the stage for your child’s future.
TCT is conveniently located just off I-71,
close to US-50/Columbia Parkway, as well as the Norwood Lateral.
 The Children’s Theatre of Cincinnati has graciously provided my daughter the opportunity to try one of their classes in exchange for sharing my views of their workshops with you! All thoughts and opinions are my own.